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"Artist outfit" was born from a simple observation:

the more art is present in our lives,

the better the world is.

Put more art in our streets, in our daily lives, be ourselves vectors of artistic creation. The idea is there: to offer works using a new medium, clothing.

Wearing or giving a piece of clothing illustrated by an artist is a simple way to promote it and bring his works to life.

Ce n'est plus un tshirt, c'est une oeuvre d'art"

Madame Figaro


For French creation and manufacture

"Made in France" is one of the fundamental values of the Tenue d'Artiste brand. For years, major brands have relocated their production to countries where labor is cheaper. The result: a disaster-stricken textile sector in France, deindustrialisation, and an explosion in ecological impact.
We have made the choice to find local manufacturers for all stages of production: fabric, t-shirts, labels, printing, screen printing.
For us, made in France is a synonym of quality, traceability, ecology, and the will to act for the French creation and the safeguard of our industry.

Image by Roman Spiridonov
Boite cadeau tshirt made in france.jpg


Gift box and certificate of authenticity

We pay particular attention to the presentation and packaging of your T-shirts. Because you are buying more than a T-shirt ... You are buying a reproduction of a work of art, a piece of history that you now share with the artist.
Each tshirt comes in a gift box, along with the artist's description and his certificate of authenticity.

Porter ou offrir un t-shirt d'artiste est un moyen élégant et facile de promouvoir son oeuvre.

2020 Certificat authenticité rempli pou
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