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Made in France

The best way to ensure the quality of clothing, and to promote fair, sustainable and eco-responsible fashion.

French Origin Guaranteed

Each garment is the result of an artistic creation, but also of all the work of those who woven cotton, designed and made the garment, and made the prints.

Our t-shirts are 100% made in France, from the fabric to the label. They benefit from OFG certification ("Origine France Garantie").

The fabric

Before the garment, there is first of all the raw material. The t-shirts are made from a special cotton, made from the selection of the longest fibers. This selection makes it a rare fabric, extremely soft, slightly satin and much stronger than standard cotton. Beyond its “mechanical” qualities, its grip and delicate shine give the work a particularly artistic support.

The yarn is then knitted and dyed in France (… yes, knitted because our clothes are in Jersey, which belongs to the “mesh” family), a few kilometers from the clothing workshop.

Confection made in France atelier coutur

The clothing workshop

The garment is designed in Paris and manufactured in a workshop located in a territory of textile tradition, supplier of big houses or new designers for more than forty years.

The machines are modern, but the human gesture remains fundamental in all stages of the confection. The patronage, the cutting which is still done by hand, the assembly, the finishes and the packaging: there is someone's work and expertise behind each step.

The screen printing workshop

He is located in the Paris region, and masters the two techniques used for printing works: screen printing and direct digital printing.

These two techniques allow the ink to penetrate into the heart of the fabric, for better color rendering and a lasting impression, without extra thickness. The fabric therefore remains flexible.

French clothing manufacturing therefore continues logically with printing and packaging in France, in order to control the entire chain and reduce kilometers.

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